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How to Find the Best SOLO Ads that Give You the Best ROI

How to Find the Best SOLO Ads that Give You the Best ROI

Solo ad are one of the easiest ways to build an email list. While there are many different methods to build your list, I always recommend SOLO ads to all my students. The reason why I do it is because of the ROI I get from SOLO ads.

But before we discuss on how I ensure that I get a good Return on Investment (ROI) for my SOLO buys, there are a few other things that I need to tell you.

I started using SOLO ads only about an year back. Since then I have added about 86K emails to my list and each of them pay me about $0.56 per month. There are other internet marketers who even get about $1.00 + per email in their list. The bottom line is that it is very easy to build a list using solo ads and if you do it right the ROI from the list is simply amazing.

To cut the story short, the difference between you making money on the internet and not making any money, is a list and if you are struggling to do that, then a SOLO ad is the way to go.

But the SOLO industry is full of scammers and frauds. Hence it is important that you learn how to know which solo seller to trust. In addition to that it is also important that you learn to setup your pages right, if you are to get a good ROI from your solo BUYS.

Here we will be looking at some of the critical aspects in SOLO ad buys, so that we put you on the right path to success immediately.

How to Find the Best SOLO Ads

The SOLO ads industry has become diluted these days. When I started off, it was only a few folks selling solos and finding the best SOLO ads was not a problem. But with more and more people learning about how to make money with SOLO ads, the market became flooded with SOLO sellers. The more the sellers, the more difficult it became to sell. Then started the price-war with a lot of people dropping their prices to even $0.30 per click. In all of this, a few folks learnt that they could make some easy money by conning people and thus started the scams and complaints.

If you are a newbie, it is extremely important that you stay clear of these scammers and pick only the best SOLO ads.

But the question is how would you know which seller is a good one and which one is a scammer?

Reviews, reviews and reviews

Not too many people trust reviews but a lot of them seem to be forged. But SOLO ad reviews are different and it is these reviews that will tell you if, the solo seller is worth trusting.

The best place to find such reviews, is to join Facebook groups where you will find both sellers and buyers. You can find good deals in these forums and at the same time, you will also find a lot of feedback and reviews about the buyers as well. Further you can talk to other buyers in these groups and check with them about their experiences about a particular seller.

Another place to see the reviews is the SOLO Sellers’ website itself. Most sellers post their customer reviews on their salespage and you can reach out to the people who have written those reviews, personally to check if the review was real and if the seller is trustworthy.

This is how a typical review will look. This screenshot is for a SOLO I did for Joshua Zamora.

best solo ads

A Real Website and a Proven Track record

One of the most important requirement for any seller of any kind of service, is to have a salespage. Without a website which details his terms and conditions and everything about his offer, the seller is only creating reasons for you to be suspicious. Setting up a website or, a salespage is not a difficult thing to do these days.

A website is also important, so that you know the various contact options for the seller. You will also want to see the various packages that he offers, read reviews about his service and also learn more about his list and the methods he has used to build a list.

The seller has to have a proven track record and you can ask for any number of proof from him before buying from him. But by saying this, I don’t mean to say that you should never try out newbie sellers. While there is an element of risk involved in trusting a newbie, you can still investigate about him in the Facebook groups that I spoke about earlier.

The best thing about buying from newbies, is that you can get some nice deals from them and if you have a really good funnel, the ROI could be extremely high.

Ask Questions

It is important that you investigate about your seller. While most of this investigation can be skipped, if the seller is an established solo vendor like Igor Kheifets, it is important that you do your due diligence in selecting from the others.

Some of the questions that you will want to ask your solo vendor is –

  • How was the list built?
  • What % of his list comprises of Tier-1 Subscribers?
  • What % are buyers?
  • What niche is the list in?
  • What kind of offers convert well with the list?

Most solo vendors, if they are established will have no problems in answering these questions. And you can base your decision on their responses.

Stay Clear from Vendors using rotators

A lot of vendors use rotators when sending clicks to your solos. They do it in order to maximize the number of clicks they get from each mailing.

What happens in a rotator is, that every subsequent click gets sent to a different offer from a different buyer. So, if for eg: X is sent a SOLO ad and he clicks on the link, he is directed to the offer page of the first buyer. If he clicks again, he gets redirected to a different offer which is from a different buyer and so on.

The drawback with such clicks is that, the list is churned so much that every buyer gets the same subscriber and also a very low conversion, primarily because of the fact that the subscriber clicking on the link is expecting to see a different offer but is presented with a different one and hence just decides not to opt in. This counts as a click for you, but since there is no conversion, you stand to loose.

It is hence recommended that you check with the vendor if he uses rotators.

Good Vendors – Best Solo Ads

Okay! To sum it up if you are dealing with Good vendors, you will get the best Solo ads. Just like any other service that you buy, if you are to get good return on investments for your solo buys, you need to get good solos and that you will only get from people who have big lists that they have built by running different offers. You might want to ensure that you avoid anybody who has not built a list and instead bought lists. Such list often do not convert and hence buying solos from them is a waste of money.

I have built a ROLODEX of the best solo ads sellers that I used over the last year. This list will help you to avoid any research and investigation that you would otherwise have had to do to find the best sellers of SOLO ads.

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